Being Unapologetically Authentic with Jean Tien

S1 Ep 16: Creating a 7-figure business with LadyBoss Founder, Tasha DaCosta

October 6, 2022

In this episode of Being Unapologetically Authentic, we are joined by guest, Tasha DaCosta.

Tasha is a Business and Mindset Coach at and a 7-figure Business Owner at Her goal, beyond work/life balance and being there for her family, is to empower and help other female business owners to create and design a business and life they love.

She left corporate when she realized that the 9-5 routine wasn't working for her anymore once she became a mom. Tasha knew that she needed more work-life balance, which is when she started her Virtual Assistant business (which was not a common service in Canada at the time). Despite concerns from her husband's doubts that it wasn't a "real business", Tasha took the leap and never looked back! 

Since taking that initial step towards entrepreneurship, Tasha's life has changed! She has not only evolved over time to create a 7-figure business, Tasha has also  recently started a second business, as well as create a work-life balance that allows her to be present with her family, which was a key priority for her. 

Tune in to hear how Tasha moved past her own excuses and fear to create a life she loves.

To learn more about Tasha, please check out her websites:

Design and Website Creation: Home - Lady Boss Studio Inc.

Business and Mindset Coaching: Home - Tasha DaCosta

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