Being Unapologetically Authentic with Jean Tien

S1 Ep 19: Educating Corporate about the Deaf Community with Kellina Powell

October 6, 2022

In this episode of Being Unapologetically Authentic, I am joined by guest, Kellina Powell.  In just 30 minutes, I learned so much from Kellina - not only her personal journey but also about the deaf community. Kellina is such an impressive, ambitious individual and I cannot wait for you to meet her through this podcast.

First, a little about my guest:

Kellina is a young entrepreneur who loves to support others with their personal growth, as well as to educate others about the deaf community. Few people know that Kellina is actually a hard of hearing person. She became deaf at the age of 4., and recently graduated with a psychology degree and is now starting her own online coaching business while writing her book.

You can learn more about Kellina here:

Her Website: Coach | Mental Health Coach (

Her Instagram handle: @deafqueenboss


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